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Nuclear Tacos Aren't Free -- You Pay In The End

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Nuclear tacos are the invention/sickness of paradox0220 and have a fairly long history. They began back in Tennessee (around 1998) where jalapenos were sometimes placed on tacos for flavor. After sampling some of these Paul decided to try hotter peppers and eventually started using hot sauce in the tacos. They were an instant hit and the first Taco Nights were formed where people would come by once a week to taste the hottest thing you could get in town. This led to a garden of pepper plants including cheyenne and habenero peppers.

Paradox then moved to Austin TX where hot food is more common and the urge to step them up was too much to resist. Nuclear Taco nights now happen at the cowhouse since there is enough room and the spicy flavor keeps increasing as we go. Habeneros soon became too mild and some of the hottest hot sauces on the market were used to help increase the heat.

Nuclear Taco night has been very popular with co-workers at United Devices as well as the distributed.net team and the Austin Linux Group. We have had a top attendance of around 30 people on a normal Wednesday night and over 200 attendees at our SXSW Annual Event.
Our network of chili heads just keeps growing!

Now Nuclear Tacos are a combination of normal tacos which are spiced up with many many habeneros (so that you nearly can't see the meat anymore) along with some hot sauce to spice them up. I highly recommend Dave's Insanity brand and Da Bomb sauces for flavor and heat respectively.

We get together once a month (sometimes more) to eat tacos and drink beer. Normal turnout is between 15 and 30 people -- everyone is invited.